Seizing several smugglers on the vessel belongs to CIDO


As is known to all, due to the seriousimbalance of different countries’ economics, some people of the less developedcountries take risks to smuggle. Among all the ways to smuggle, smugglingthrough merchant ships is a very common one. Our ships must do well in antismuggling, because smuggling through merchant ships will lead to a series ofproblems: port does not receive; human rights groups go aboard to see whetherthere is any abuse; Ship owners, charterers have to repatriate them atappropriate ports, leaving high expenses and so on. As a result, ship owner andmanning company will give anti smuggling training before the crew on board. Thegood news is that, our company seized several smugglers on the FORTUNE DAISY whichbelongs to CIDO of South Korean recently. We Hereby thank Capt Wu and C/E Liu sincerelyof successfully managing to avoid the happening of the accident. At the sametime, Jin-Gang Chen, student of Guangjia, did an active work and played animportant role in this search .Thank all the crews of Guangjia again for yourhard work.

Herewith the scene photos: